Garden wall Dunboyne

This garden wall was plastered last week in between wet day’s.I first scudded it with sand and cement mixed at 1 : 1 which took approximately 2 hours.After allowing a day to dry I then applied a scratch coat mixed at about 3 : 1. taking about 3 hours.Finally the wall was covered in a final coat of sand and cement at 3 1/2 : 1 using a float to smooth the plaster and a sponge to give it the required finish. This took about 4 hours to put on how-ever because of slow drying that day it took till nearly 7 o-clock that evening till the wall was ready to finish.About Sand and cement render

Sand and cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall.

Depending on the ‘look’ required, rendering can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth,(Sponge or napped).

The cement rendering of brick, concrete and mud houses has been used for centuries to improve the appearance (and sometimes weather resistance) of exterior walls.


Different finishes can be created by using different tools such as trowels, sponges, or brushes. The art in traditional rendering is, (apart from getting the mix right), the appearance of the top coat. Different tradesmen will have different finishing styles and be able to produce different textures and decorative effects. We tend to prefer a light nap finish but the choice is the client’s to make.

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