This house was built in the 70,s in brick on the internal walls which was then painted. the second half or the house built in the 80,s was finished the same. WP_20150420_011

Our objective is to plaster the existing brick walls to achieve a more modern finish while adhering to airtight standard, All ceilings had also to be dropped/raised to a similar level.

Phase one of the project was the area of the house which was built in the 80,s

First the ceilings were insulated with 100mm double side foil kingspan insulating board taped with blue airtight tape on all joints and corners, the ceilings were then cross battened to prepare for plasterboard slabs.IMG_0454

Before the plasterboards could be done the 10 inch airtight tape had to be stuck with hardcoat to insure airtightness.

The ceilings were then plasterboarded and taped and jointed with joint filler and paper-tape to allow for extra airtightness and more strenght on the joints to help prevent future cracking.

Next we prepared all the brick walls by thistle bonding over all painted brick work and ceiling around all airtight tape around windows and doors.IMG_0456

All ceilings were then skimmed using skimcoat.

Rooms were then completed one at a time as is the nature of hardcoat it,s better to finish over it with skimcoat the same day.

The result is a airtight modern plaster finish.WP_20150420_005

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