First the top ceilings of the house were plaster-boarded with 70 mm insulated thermal plasterboard’s before we then plaster-boarded all the partitions.It was decided to use hard-coat on all block walls instead of sand and cement to allow for superior drying.

The house is airtight with membrane on all ceilings upstairs and around all windows and doors, to add to this we plastered the downstairs walls all the way up to the upstairs floor insuring a complete seal from outside draught’s.Wet rooms were slabbed with moisture resisting plasterboard before been treated with thistle-bond before been skimmed.

All plasterboard joints where first taped and jointed in paper-tape and joint filler to strengthen all joints. Joint filler and paper tape joints are six times less likely to crack then scrim taped joints.

All walls were skimmed with gyproc skimmcoat leaving strait lines and a smooth finish through out the build.

The project took 4-5 weeks to complete.

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