This house was completed interior and exterior.

The outside was Plastered in sand and cement with a sponge finish to allow finishing with Acrylic and the internal was dry-lined, Floated and skimmed.InteriorThe interior plastering was completed over the course of four weeks,I dry-lined the upstairs and downstairs ceilings with half inch plasterboard.

All block walls were then scudded, rendered and floated in sand and cement.

Skimming was then applied to all the prepared walls and ceilings using Gypsum skimcoat and applied with a steel trowel


We started scudding the outer of the building which was Quite large with a lot of windows so a lot of attention was giving to covering and cleaning, This took aprox one day.

We then Applied a Scratch coat of sand and cement covering all walls and gables taking about a day.

Preparing the house for the final coat took a good amount of time as there were a lot of windows, doors and plinths to be revelled and returned.

The finishing took about 3 days and the plinth another one.

All scaffold was still around the building when we finished So I haven’t got to take any pictures of the outside yet.


Heres what Tom had to say


Kevin did all the plastering on our house both inside and out and the slabbing upstairs. He was fast and efficient and his work was of a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. We were very impressed with the finished results.

Regards Tom Quinn

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  1. Kevin plastered an extension on our house in East Wall Dublin.. He is diligent, with an eye for detail, His many years of experience in this field are proven in the given result. The extension now has a great appearance. Id also like to mention Kevin is amicable ,polite, and delivers on time exactly what he says he will do. A delight to recommend him .

    Sandra Kenny


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